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What to knit or crochet in spring

Updated: Apr 14

What colours should I knit or crochet with in spring?

As we move into a new season, the smells of Spring are in the air, and signs of new life are suddenly appearing, from buds on the branches of the trees, to new shoots on the hedgerows and bushes. With blossom and daffodils everywhere, it's almost like nature is pressing a reset button for new beginnings, and it's such a lovely feeling.

photograph showing beautiful pink blossom on a tree branch, with blue skies

Transitioning from one season to another with our knitting and crochet can be quite tricky, as we put aside our heavier, chunkier yarns and look towards something lighter and brighter to work with.

To help you with your spring project planning, I've created a guide to follow, so that you can choose your colours and plan your spring projects with confidence.

Step 1: Create a mood board for your spring colours