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Knit or Crochet Yourself Happy

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Blue Sky Thinking

Colours have a great influence in our daily lives, If the sky is a beautiful bright blue it can instantly lift our mood and leave us feeling calm and content, whereas a dull grey sky can sometimes dampen our mood and leave us feeling a little downhearted and subdued.

A beautiful blue sky on an otherwise dull day can certainly add a spring to your step. I can't believe that I had the pleasure of this wonderful view in Lincoln last week. Just for a moment, we felt uplifted and could sense the feel of spring just around the corner.

Isn't it stunning - not a cloud in sight.

Lincoln Cathedral with Beautiful blue sky

How Colours Affect Your Wellbeing

Using your favourite colours in your knitting and crochet projects will help life your mood. When your mood is negative, and you’re feeling down in the dumps, you’re more likely to turn to darker colours, which will dull your spark even more.

But by having projects ready and waiting in your favourite happy colours, you can help improve the way you are feeling. As you knit and crochet, you will enjoy those beautiful shades of yarn, and with each stitch, you will feel lighter and brighter.

Crocheted Mandalas in bright happy colours

How do I work out my favourite colours?

Knitted socks in teal and orange stripes

Most of us have a favourite colour or colour palette without even knowing it and we can often end up choosing the same sorts of colours or shades for our knitting and crochet projects.

Recently, I’ve been drawn to Orange and Teal, and they make a fabulous combination that makes me feel so happy and relaxed when I’m knitting with them.

Knitted stocking stitch in teal and orange stripes

Orange and Teal fall opposite each other on the colour wheel, with Orange being classed as a ‘warm’ colour and Teal being classed as a ‘cool’ colour (part of the Blue spectrum), so they make the perfect contrast and they complement each other beautifully.

  • If you're struggling to decide on a colour combination for your knitting or crochet, you can use a colour wheel to help you decide which colours make you feel happy, relaxed, positive and calm, so that you know which to turn to if you’re feeling under the weather, stressed, annoyed or just fed-up.

  • You can take a look in your wardrobe and see what colours are in your favourite items of clothing or favourite accessory. There is probably a clue – even if it’s in the finer detail of the printed pattern, or that little pop of colour that caught your eye when you bought it.

Basic Colour Wheel Theory for Knitters

To help you get started with choosing your favourite colours, I've added a quick quide to using a colour wheel.

The basic principals of colour theory with colour wheel, primary colours, secondary colours, complementary colours, analogous colours

I hope I've given you you some ideas on how to use your knitting or crochet as a wellbeing tool.

motivational quote for mindful knitting and mindful crochet, using your favourite colours to improve wellbeing

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