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Let the Yarn Stash Party begin

Updated: Mar 20

Enough is enough

For many years I have felt slightly guilty about having a large-ish yarn stash. Sometimes I wonder where it all comes from as I don't buy yarn week after week; it's more like now and again.

But because I tend to buy yarn and not use it straight away, I now seem to have a yarn stash mountain that is every growing,

Are you the same?

I must confess that I find it frustrating and a little overwhelming, and if you feel the same way too, then you're in the right place.

Let the Yarn Stash Party begin!

I think it's time to celebrate our yarn stash and the opportunities that it holds.

I've decided to celebrate my yarn stash instead of feeling guilty, and I've decided to embrace the colours and gorgeous fibres, and try to be more resourceful with my knitting by using up what I already have.