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Making connections through our knitting and crochet

Sharing my knitting and crochet books

Last week I took mum to Hobbycraft in Warrington as she needed a few things for her card making. I haven't been to Hobbycraft for years and had forgotten what a huge store it is. So many things to buy!!!

I made a mental note to stay strong and not to buy anything - especially not yarn or books as I'm having (yet another) clear out. I have made a great start in sending off a pile of fabulous books to new homes. Some of them have already arrived and their new owners are very excited to give some of the projects a try and I can't wait to see their makes.

A pile of knitting and crochet books from my book stash to pass on to a new home. From amigurumi to mindful crochet and baby knits, there's a knitting and crochet book for everyone

The Powerful Benefits of Knitting, Crochet and Crafting

Mum found what she needed and we were taking the lift to the ground floor when an elderly lady approached and I held the doors so she could join us.

Now, my lovely mum has the knack of chatting to everyone as is she has known them all her life, and she started chatting to the lady, asking her what she was planning to make with the items she had in her basket.

The lady started to tell us all about her card making activities and how she embroiders cards and sells them to raise money for charity. It all sounded very intricate and we were intrigued as she explained how it all worked.

What struck me the most was her sense of pride and achievement, not just about her card making, but also about her fundraising activities, as she also sold her handiwork to raise money for charity.

She had also explained that she now lives alone and how her card making helps her to find a focus, as the days often seem so long. She said she was so grateful to be able to do something useful for others, which is a common trait amongst crafters. Many knitters and crocheters enjoy taking part in charity campaigns for those in need, creating essential items for warmth, such as blankets, hats, and scarves. This shared goal of giving back to the community can often strengthen the sense of purpose and togetherness among crafters, which is really heartwarming.

I know I say this a lot, but I think it's wonderful how our crafting bring such a tangible sense of achievement and give us a really sense of purpose, especially when we can use our crafting to help others. Completing a craft project that has taken time, effort and patience, can be a source of great satisfaction and it makes me so happy when I see how this feeling of success can really boost our self-esteem and confidence.

Our crafting really does have so many incredible benefits.

postcard image explaining the wellbeing benefits of knitting and crochet to promote a sense of achievement and happiness

Is the ability to knit or crochet in our genes?

I'm always grateful to have come from a long line of incredibly creative and talented women - not just my mum and nan, but also my various aunties, great aunts and cousins. I often wonder if crafting is in my blood and I confess I did 'Google' it to see if there was any evidence of this, and it seems not. But apparently our genetic traits and characteristics can play a role in shaping our aptitude and inclination for creative activities, so I suppose, in some ways, it is in our blood (as the saying goes), which definitely makes me happy.

Show and tell

Going back to my original story, the lady in Hobbycraft enjoyed chatting to us so much that she came back into the shop after walking all the way to her car to get her phone as she wanted to show us her finished cards. Wow - we were so impressed. They were little mini works of art and I could see why she was so proud. I haven't seen this type of embroidery before to make cards but it's called Punch Card Embroidery and you use a template to punch out the holes then embroider the pretty shapes. She had made lots of Christmas cards like the one shown here which I found on Pinterest.

I was very grateful that she had walked all the way to her car to grab her phone and then walked all the way back as it was such a hot day. It made me so happy that we'd enjoyed a lovely chat about our different crafts and how much joy they bring us.

Punch card embroidery Christmas tree to show what we can achieve with our crafting abilities

Our Knitting and Crochet Sanctuary

I'm sure you will agree that our knitting and crochet provides us with more than just cosy blankets, stylish scarves, and handmade gifts; they offer us a path to tranquility, self-expression, and self-care, not to mention a sense of community and pride.

In a world that often rushes by far too quickly, I hope the gentle art of knitting and crochet can help you to slow down, to breathe, and to enjoy every stitch. As your hands work their magic and turn your yarn into fabric, remember that you're not merely making stitches, but also finding moments of mindfulness and creativity, where knitting and crochet can become your own little sanctuary - a place to slow down, to breathe, and to savour the process of creating.

Happy crafting, and I hope you enjoy every stitch you make this week,

Lynne xx

motivational quote for mindful knitting and mindful crochet


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