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The joy of knitted squares

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

For most of us, when we begin our knitting or crochet journey, the first thing we do after learning how to cast on, is to practice the basic stitches, often in the form of simple squares.

girl wearing knitted squares cardigan, handmade, black and white squares, granny squares, harry styles

The sense of achievement we feel when we master something new is such a joy to embrace, especially if you've had busy or stressful day. The familiarity of the a technique can soon become engrained in our memory, like riding a bike or driving a car, so when we pick up our needles or hook and start to knit or crochet, we soon feel calm and soothed, as our bodies and minds start to relax.

photograph showing knitting needles and hand knitting


It's so easy to forget about the joy of knitting or crocheting squares, as we move on to learn more techniques and expand our knitting or crochet repertoire.

When I went back to the basics of a knitted square for my Checkered Love cardigan, I soon became mesmerised all over again, by the calming and repetitive nature of stocking stitch, and the beautiful texture created by moss stitch.

Without having to think about what I was doing, and by knitting the same stitch patterns over and over again, I soon remembered how mindful and relaxing the creative process can be.

Knitting and crochet are perfect for helping our brains to switch off whilst we focus on the stitches we are making, and the textures we are creating.

Before I knew it, I was casting off one square and casting on the next.

It never ceases to amaze me that if you can knit and purl, you can make a square, and if you can make a square then you can sew the squares together to make all sorts of wonderful things.

knitted squares being sewn together to make a patchwork cardigan like theHarry Styles Cardigan

And so my Checkered Love cardigan was born, with colours inspired by the Wednesday Addams Netflix series that we had become engrossed in at the time. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole series and can't wait for series 2.


a hand drawn image of a knitted squares cardigan designs, like the Harry Styles Cardigan

So the question I can't wait to ask, is whether you're team Wednesday, or team Enid? Will you be knitting in Black and White, or multi-colours? Whichever option you choose, I know you will enjoy the calming nature of the squares as you stitch and sew and create your cardigan.

Wednesday Addams and Enid Sinclair in their room, face-to-face

ALL ABOUT CHECKERED LOVE (knitted squares cardigan pattern)

I'm really excited to share the finished pattern with you for Checkered Love.

My daughter has modelled it beautifully and I was pleased with the pattern itself, as it contains absolutely everything you need including:

  • Full instructions for two different colour options.

  • Fully graded across nine sizes.

  • Schematics and measurements with help on choosing your size.

  • Full instructions on how to knit a tension square and how to check your tension.

  • 4 bonus videos, showing top tips for neat mattress stitch; horizontal mattress stitch; vertical mattress stitch; picking up stitches, with a combined value of £88.

  • Helpful photos.

Hand knitted squares cardigan being worm. Black and White checked cardigan in Harry Styles style


You can buy your digital copy quickly and easily on my website by clicking the image below.

Person wearing a knitted squares cardigan, granny squares, harry styles

I hope you have great fun knitting your squares and that they bring you as much joy as they are bringing me. Sometimes, it's the simple things that are the best.......

Happy knitting and crocheting, Lynne xxx

If you're looking for a fun knitting project, you could try my knitted cakes and buns pattern.

Or if you are looking for a fun and practical crochet project you could try my reusable cotton face pads.

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