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Cosy Frills Neckerchief - a crochet pattern by Lynne Rowe

Updated: Mar 20

I'm so happy to introduce my 'Cosy Frills Neckerchief' - a new pattern for a cosy accessory, using aran-weight yarn.

I was delighted when this design turned out perfectly. My idea was to create a shorter style cowl (like a neckerchief) that doesn't have the bulk of a full shawl when worn with a coat. With just a simple button fastening, you can pop it around your neck and wear it neatly with your favourite coat or jacket.

I love the beautiful colours of the two contrasting skeins of WeCrochet (KnitPicks) MUSE yarn, which I haven't used before, and I have to say that it's really soft and gorgeous to work with. It's aran weight and it's really cosy, but the best thing is that it's quick to make, which is a real bonus, especially if you are looking for a last-minute gift to make.

You can also shop your stash and find two 100g contrasting skeins or balls of aran-weight yarn and use them instead - it's a perfect stash buster and uses simple stitches which are nice and relaxing.

The frilly edge finishes it off nicely, and adds and pretty border with a ruffled texture.