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Knit your way to some festive fun with my latest book 'Twenty To Make Knitted Baby Hats'

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Two knitted Christmas Pudding baby hats with brown flecked yarn and cream yarn for the sauce and a fluffy red pompom

The festive season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than by knitting something really special for the little ones in your life?

My latest knitting book "20 to Make - Knitted Baby Hats" offers a cute and colourful collection of patterns that go beyond the ordinary, providing you with the perfect opportunity to add a touch of handmade warmth and charm, not only to your festive gifting, but into 2024 and beyond.

From adorable animals to fun food, each hat is a miniature work of art that will not only keep baby snug and warm but will also create cherished memories in years to come.

Front cover image to show 20 to make knitted baby hats book. Front cover shows 4 knitted baby hats, a pumpkin hat, an apple hat, a strawberry hat and a watermelon hat.

Knitting a baby hat is heart-warming and joyful

There's something truly magical about creating a tiny, intricate piece with your own hands. Knitting a baby hat is not just a craft project; it's a journey of joy and fulfilment. As you watch the stitches come together and see the adorable patterns emerge, you'll experience the satisfaction of creating a handmade mini masterpiece that extends beyond the physical warmth of the hat.

Flat overhead shot of a knitted Fox baby hat in burnt orange yarn with black ribbed edge and ears.

A knitted baby hat is more than just warmth

Beyond their cute appearance, knitted baby hats offer a host of practical benefits. These cosy creations provide an extra layer of warmth during chilly winter days, keeping baby’s head and ears snug and comfortable. More importantly your handmade touch will add a layer of love and care, making each hat a unique and thoughtful gift that is sure to create lots of smiles.

Knitted strawberry baby hat, knitted in red yarn with green stalk.

How to choose the correct hat size for your knitted hat

One of the key challenges in knitting for little ones is ensuring a perfect fit. For each hat, there are three sizes to choose from, which cover an age range of 0-6 month, through to 12-24 months.  Both the average head size and the actual finished hat size is included for guidance on choosing the correct size for your baby hat project. So whether you're knitting for a newborn or a toddler, the information included will help you navigate the intricacies of sizing, ensuring that your finished creation is not only stylish but also cosy and comfortable for the little one to wear.

Knitted Bumble Bee baby hat, shown on a tiny baby.

What skills do your need to knit a baby hat?

New to knitting? Fear not!

My "20 To Make Knitted Baby Hats" is designed for knitters of all skill levels. The book's techniques section serves as a valuable resource, guiding you through the essential skills needed to bring each pattern to life. From basic stitches to more advanced techniques, this book is not just a collection of patterns but a gateway to expanding your knitting repertoire.

And to suit all levels of knitters, I have designed some hats knitted flat and seamed, whereas others are worked in the round. All hats are quick and easy to make, and oddments of yarn can be used from your stash too.

Dive in, explore, and discover the joy of creating adorable baby hats that reflect your unique style and creativity.

Flat overhead shot of a knitted Hippo baby hat with cute ears. Knitted in garter stitch in grey yarn.

And to get you started with learning a new technique, I have created a video tutorial here, that walks you through the technique of knitting with two colours.

As you embark on this knitting adventure with "Twenty to Make," may your needles click happily, your yarn be soft and colourful, and your baby hats be stitched with warmth and love.

And if you wan to find out more about this lovely book, you can click my Amazon link below to see inside the book

Happy knitting xx

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