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Eleven Christmas Gifts for Knitters and Crocheters: A Crafting Wishlist

Scandinavian style knitted Christmas trees and houses  hanging on a white tree

The holiday season is almost upon us. I'm not sure if it's the same where you are living, but we already have a full range of colourful Christmas decorations in our shops, sat opposite the Halloween spooktacular products.

It's definitely acting as a remind that we need to start thinking about finding the perfect gifts for our favourite knitters and crocheters.

Whether they're seasoned crafters or just starting out, there's a wide range of thoughtful and practical gifts that can bring a smile to their faces. As a crafter myself, I know how much I love to receive gifts that I can enjoy using in my knitting or crochet hobby.

Just in case you're stuck for ideas, I've curated a list of eleven fab, festive gifts that will delight and inspire the yarn enthusiasts in your life, so that you can start buying your gifts now, and help to spread the costs of the festive season. And you may even decide to treat yourself to a little something too (and why not!!).

1. A special skein of hand-dyed yarn for knitters and crocheters

Every knitter and crocheter appreciates a skein of luxurious or hand dyed yarn that they can use in a special project. There are so many gorgeous patterns for single skeins of yarn, so they won't be stuck for choice on what to make, Consider gifting them a premium yarn in their favourite colour or fibre type.

My favourite yarn dyers include Kate Selene, Hook & Cwtch (Jess), Cheshire Yarns (Julie), and The Yarn Badger (Liz), but there are so many more amazing yarn dyers to choose from.

5 mini skeins of hand dyed yarn, neon pink and neon yellow, multi-coloured skeins and a duck egg blue

2. A digital pattern to go with your yarn gift

You could also purchase a digital pattern from an indie designer, either as a standalone gift or to accompany a skein or ball of special yarn, so that your recipient can start knitting or crocheting straight away on their very own special 'Betwixmas' project.

You can find lots of patterns on designer's own websites, or on Etsy or Ravelry, and there are lots of patterns for one-skein shawls and accessories.

3. Ergonomic knitting needles or hooks

You can upgrade their crafting experience with ergonomic crochet hook or knitting needle sets. Look for sets that reduce the stress on the hands during longer crafting sessions, and that provide comfort and enjoyment of use. Bamboo, rosewood, or even colourful metal options are available to suit their preferences and your budget.

If you want to buy a few individual hooks or needles, rather than a full set, try to find out which sizes they use regularly so that you can buy them a size they will use.

4. Craft books or magazines

Inspire their creativity with books and magazines dedicated to knitting or crochet. Books and magazines are great long-term resources that offer patterns, tutorials, and tips for enhancing their skills. They are definitely a long-term, sustainable gift that can be used over and over again.

There are books and magazines for all aspects of knitting and crochet, which means you can find the right option for their favourite type of projects.

a stack of knitting and crochet books against an orange background on a bookshelf

5. Stitch markers and progress keepers

Stitch markers and progress keepers are small but essential tools for keeping track of stitches and patterns. As a knitter and crocheter myself, I love to have lots of different and colourful stitch markers, so that I can choose the right ones that match my work in progress.

You can opt for decorative and functional markers that add a touch of flair to their projects.

6. Project bags

A stylish and spacious project bag is a must-have for crafters on the go. Choose a bag with multiple compartments to keep yarn, needles, and patterns organised. If your recipient has lots of yarn already, a project bag can be the perfect crafty gift as well as helping them to stay more organised.

There are so many project bags to choose from, which can be either hand-sewn (a more expensive option) or manufactured (usually a cheaper option). Etsy or Folksy are great places to shop for handmade gifts.

If you sew yourself, you could make one with scrap fabric and fill it with nice bits and bobs.

7. Yarn bowls or yarn wraps

Help them keep their yarn tidy and tangle-free with a yarn bowl or yarn wrap (made from fabric). These beautiful and practical accessories prevent yarn from rolling away while they work on their projects, and ceramic or wooden bowls can also add an artistic touch to their crafting space.

They can range in price, depending if they are handmade or manufactured on a larger-scale, so you can find lots of different price ranges to suit your budget.

A wooden yarn bowl in dark wood, filled with two balls of yarn and knitting needles

8. Gift cards for knitters and crocheters

If you're unsure about their preferences, a gift card for their favorite local yarn shop is always a thoughtful choice. It allows them to select the yarn and supplies they need for their upcoming projects, and it's a really great way to support bricks and mortar yarn shops.

9. Subscription box gifts for knitters and crocheters

Subscription boxes are a great way to give a delightful surprise that lasts beyond the festive season. These boxes often include exclusive yarns, patterns, and fun extras, providing an exciting surprise every month.

Often you can choose to buy a single, one-off subscription box, or choose monthly options that cover three months, six months or 12 months.

You can buy a subscription for all sorts of knitting and crochet-related items, from stitch markers and stationery items, to hand dyed mini skeins and 100g skeins.

10. Online classes or workshops

Invest in their crafting skills by enrolling them in online knitting or crochet classes or workshops. Many talented instructors offer lessons in various techniques, from basic stitches to advanced projects, making it a gift that keeps on giving.

11. Stationery gifts for knitters and crocheters

Who doesn't love a new note book and a set of colourful pens or pencils. A blank canvas for creativity is always appealing, especially to knitters and crocheters. They can plan out new projects, plot a colourful stripe sequence, or doodle to their heart's content, for a calming and meditative experience.

Stationery journal books in a pile with colourful pencils on the top

Of course, if you have time between now and the festive season, you can also gift hand knitted accessories, if you feel your friends and family will appreciate the time and effort required to make it.

I hope these give you lots of ideas for gifts. One of the things I love the most about the festive season is choosing gifts for my family and friends. This year, I'm loving stationery and hand dyed yarn, stitch markers and project bags, so they will be my starting point for my gift purchases.

Happy gift choosing,

Lynne x

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