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Review: Canvas Selfie Bag from The Cotton Bag Co

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

selfie ring light for your phone

I recently tried a new product, which has helped me hugely with my photography. Taking good, clear and crisp photos is often quite tricky, even with a good smart phone.

So when I received the Canvas Selfie Bag from the Cotton Bag Co, I was delighted because it contains everything I need to take selfies and great photos, both at home, and when I’m out and about. I couldn’t wait to try it, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Here are my thoughts about the bag and its contents:

The Canvas Selfie Bag:

The bag itself is made from high quality Jute material, so it’s long-lasting, sturdy and also eye-catching with its unique design. The printed fabric really stands out and is stylish as well as being fun and trendy.

Inside the bag:

All the tools you need to create fabulous photos are included:

  • Bluetooth tripod selfie stick: you can get the perfect angle with this selfie stick that also has a tripod which is great. It connects to your phone or ease of use.

  • Inside pocket for selfie stick: a handy pocket so that you always know where your selfie stick is.

  • Pop up reflector: not only is this great for selfies but it’s also great for indoor photography to help get the perfect lighting. It also comes with its own mini bag to keep it safe.

  • LED ring light: if the reflector isn’t quite enough, then there is also a very handy LED ring light that clips to the top of your phone. It comes with a USB lead to charge it up if you need to, and it has 3 settings to choose from, for the perfect lighting. It’s really easy to use and you just press a small button to change the lighting setting. There is also a green light to show you when it’s fully charged up.

  • Zip top: the whole bag has a zip across the top for added security so that everything is kept safely in the bag and that nothing will come tumbling out.

My favourite bits:

I want to say ‘all of it’ but I will try to be a little bit more informative than that. The tools I use the most are the LED light which I almost daily, along with the pop-up reflector. I use these the most because I don’t take lots of selfies and they are great tools for flatlays and styled shots.

But knowing that I have the selfie stick and also the handy bag to hold everything in is great because when I do head off out-and-about to meet friends, I can always grab the bag, safe in the knowledge that I have everything I need to take some fabulous photos.

Because I use the LED light and pop-up reflector so much, I feel it's great value-for-money, especially if like me, you rely on great photos for your business.

But one of the best things for me is the company’s environmental policy. Rarely do you see such a full and all-encompassing environmental policy on a company’s website. All angles are covered and as an Environmental Scientist myself, who previously worked on Waste Strategy, I find this really impressive, positive and refreshing.

I often purchase cotton bags with my logo printed on them, so now I know where I can go for a sustainable option.

In conclusion:

If you take lots of selfies when you’re out-and-about, or take lots of photos when you’re at home, this could be the perfect product to help you take fab photos for your social media accounts or website.

You can find out more about the Canvas Selfie Bag and its contents here:

The Cotton Bag Co also stock lots of other canvas bags too, that can be printed or personalised, including for wholesale orders. You can find out more here: Canvas bags at The Cotton Bag Co

Product review by Lynne Rowe.

All reviews and opinions are my own, October 2022.

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