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Are you owed money for your knitting or crochet work?

Updated: Mar 20

It's that time of year where the Authors' Licensing and Collection Society (ALCS) remind authors and writers to register any contributions to books and magazines.

What is ALCS

They're a wonderful not-for-profit organisation that makes sure writers receive the money that they're entitled to, when someone copies or uses their works. They collect money from all over the world too, so it's surprising how much it can add up.

In a nutshell, if you've ever written anything and had it published or even broadcast, then you can join ALCS and claim your royalties.

I've told many of my knitting and crochet designer friends about this and they've been delighted to receive a nice little payment each year. Don't get me wrong; it's not millions, but it all adds up doesn't it and its great that there is an organisation to collect the monies on our behalf and distribute it fairly.

I've received well over £1000 over the last 4 years and I still have some articles to add for this year too.