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There's a Spring in my Step

Signs of Spring

hand holding a yellow flower, spring, nature

The sun is coming out more here in the UK, which means that when you're sat inside, with the sun shining through the windows, it feels so much warmer. It really is the nicest feeling (and reduces the need for heating or extra layers, which is a bonus).

I'm longing for the day that I can set up our garden furniture and sit outside, although I'm keeping fingers and toes crossed that it will last another year once we've cleaned it up and painted over the decking and fence again. We first painted everything grey a few years ago, and it seems to need an annual lick of paint - no doubt due to the extremes of weather we get in the UK.

fence painting, obelisk, flowers, garden

Everything is looking a bit forlorn and neglected at the moment, but with a bit of elbow grease and touch-up paint, I'm sure it will all look fab. I'm a firm believer that you can create your own little corner of comfort by using what you have - without the need to go and buy anything fancy. Perhaps a few knitted or crocheted cushions won't go amiss this year, and would brighten up the garden as well as depleting my yarn stash. I may even crochet some pretty mandala hoops too, and add a crocheted cover to my plain hanging baskets.