• Lynne Rowe

Listening to the Sounds of Nature

Updated: May 25, 2019

Here's a great mindful exercise for you to try if you find yourself with a few minutes to sit outdoors or by an open window to knit or crochet. Settle into your seat and place your knitting or crochet down for a moment. Close your eyes and spend a few moments noticing your breathing. As you relax, listen to the sounds that you can hear. Concentrate on the louder, nearby sounds and pinpoint one sound to focus on, such as a birdsong. Listen to it's melody and how the notes are strung together. Breathe deeply as you listen and try to receive the sound without judgement, without responding. Notice the sound arising and the sound passing. Notice the pauses between the sounds and also note the sound of silence.

After a few moments, pick up your knitting or crochet and as you work on your mindful project, continue to hear the sounds around you, noting their comings and goings. Using our senses in our mindful knitting and crochet can bring us into direct contact with the present moment and to what is happening around us. When our senses are engaged, our minds are less likely to find the time or space for thoughts and emotions. And if you find that your mind is wandering, or those anxious thoughts appear, don't worry - just acknowledge them and gently let them go. You can practice this simple exercise anywhere and it's a great way to train your senses to be aware of the present moment. As you practice this exercise more and more, when you hear a birdsong, you will naturally tune-in to the sounds as your body memory responds. Happy mindful knitting and crocheting, Lynne xx

copyright Lynne Rowe 2015