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Free knitted carrot pattern

Updated: Mar 20

Do you love to leave carrots out for Rudolph? If you do, here's a pattern for a fab life size carrot that you can pop on a saucer and leave out for Rudolph and his reindeer pals.

How do I knit a carrot?

You can knit a carrot in four easy steps:

  1. The carrot is knitted flat in stocking stitch, starting at the top of the carrot and knitting towards the lower tip of the carrot.

  2. You will increase to create the wider section at the top, then decrease towards the tip.

  3. Then the side seam is sewn and the carrot is stuffed whilst you sew.

  4. Finally you knit the stalks and sew them to the top of the carrot.

How do I increase my knitting stitches?

Increasing is made by picking up the strand of yarn that is lying between the two needles (inserting left-hand needle from front to back), then you knit into the back of this stitch to twist the stitch and avoid making a hole in your knitting.