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Unlock your business potential with my unique CRAFFT mentoring programme for Knitting and Crochet Designers and Tech Editors.

It's the first programme of it's kind to help you move your business in the right direction.


I'll help you establish strong  foundations for a profitable business, building on the skills and knowledge that you already have. 


If you're a knitting or crochet designer or tech editor who's struggling to grow your business and find reliable and recurring income streams, then you're in the right place.

Re-opening in November 2022, my bespoke CRAFFT mentoring programme could be your perfect solution.

I'll be supporting you every step of the way and sharing my 13+ years of working within the heart of the Knitting and Crochet Sector to help you achieve your dreams and goals of creating a successful and profitable business for designing or tech editing.

This is the perfect course for you if:​

  • You've been dreaming about creating a business using your knitting and crochet skills and knowledge.

  • You feel overwhelmed because you don't know where to begin.

  • You don't know who to turn to for advice so you can grow and develop.

  • You don't know how to find avenues of regular work in order to create a reliable level of income.

Finally you'll find the answers to all those questions that keep popping into your head:

  • How do I get my designs published in magazines?

  • How do I find clients? 

  • How do I find regular, recurring income streams? 

  • Do I need training? 

  • How do I launch my patterns? 

  • How do I write a great design submission?

  • How do I become the designer or tech editor that everyone wants to work with?

  • What sort of jobs are out there for me?

  • How can I set myself apart from others doing the same things? 

  • How can I earn a 'proper' wage? 

  • What if I make mistakes? 

  • How do I set my fees? 

  • How do I protect my intellectual property?



  • 16 week course

  • 12+ modules

  • In-depth course notes

  • Audio podcasts

  • 8 live session

  • Private Facebook group

  • Bonus content

  • Guest speakers

  • Process diagrams

  • Choose to listen or read

  • Printable templates

  • Helpful examples


Start growing your business today

For your course fee, you will receive an extensive range of topic-based modules, made up of audio podcasts, in-depth course notes and worksheets. Some modules also have additional Powerpoint presentations.

​Along with the modules, I host a live Q&A twice a month, so that you have an opportunity to chat through any aspects of the worksheets, or ask me any questions that the topics have prompted. The Q&A sessions are recorded so that you can listen at your own preferred time should you be unable to make the live session. The recorded sessions will also be uploaded to the private course membership area so that you don't miss out on anything.

In addition, I have set up a private Facebook group which is optional to join. It's a place where you can ask each other general questions and advice on tech editing and designer topics, and support each other as you move forward on your journey.

I will also be inviting guest speakers from all avenues of the knitting and crochet sector, to talk about their areas of expertise, so that you can learn from the best.

All of my experience, tips, connections and advice will be invaluable as you begin your journey and  start to develop your business.

f this sounds like the perfect solution for you and your dreams, then fill in the form below to sign up to the waiting list for more information about my mentoring programme and my FREE webinar to tell you all about the course details and how it will benefit you.

Some of my amazing clients

Lynne has worked in the heart of the knitting and crochet sector for over 13 years and is passionate about helping others build their dream business in this field.

She left her prominent environmental career of 20 years to turn her hobby into her business and hasn’t looked back since. 


After venturing into the world of knitting and crochet she is now an established designer, editor and author and has written 6 popular craft books and she both edits and features in many of the UK’s knitting and crochet magazines with her new designs and informative articles and she is seen as an expert in her field.


Lynne recognises the struggles of growing a profitable business, starting from scratch and with no financial investment. With her in-depth knowledge and experience, she has developed e-courses, membership programmes and workbooks to mentor and help others to unravel the complexities of running a knit or crochet business and find their perfect niche in what has become a vibrant and growing industry. 


When Lynne isn’t working, you can either find her enjoying the outdoors on local walks or simply relaxing at home with her knitting and crochet, trying not to lose count or drop a stitch.


Would you like some free help in turning your knitting or crochet skills into a regular income stream?

Then head over to my Facebook groups and request to join.

You'll connect with lots of other people just like you and it's a safe place to ask questions and learn from others.

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