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Unlock the power of your blog and social media presence by creating engaging content for your knitting and crochet audience 

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Does the thought of having to post regular content  fill you with fear??

As a content creator myself, I know exactly how you feel

You want to create an interesting and helpful blog post, or engaging and inspiring social media posts, but when you sit down to write, you just can't think what to say.
And this leaves your feeling ........


.... frustrated with the time it takes to think of something interesting.

"Every week I really struggle to come up with an idea for a blog post!"


.... as though you're wasting your time.

"Why can't I create an interesting and engaging post that is dynamic and fun to read?"


... wondering if it's all worth it.

​"Maybe I'm not just cut out for this!
It's just far too time consuming"

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That's why I've pulled together my
'Seven Steps to Content Creation'.


Designed specifically for knitting and crochet bloggers, designers, makers and sellers, I'll help you create inspiring and engaging content in no time at all.
I've included a simple 'seven-steps' approach that is theme-driven and time efficient.
And more importantly, I've included two years of content ideas for you so that you can confidently create posts that are both inspiring and perfect for your audience.

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