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For Knitting and Crochet Bloggers:
Content Creation in Seven Easy Steps

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If you're a knitting or crochet business owner and struggling to create content for your blog or social media platforms, then you're in the right place.

Does the thought of having to post regularly on social media fill you with fear?

Then fear not, because I can help you with my
'Seven Steps to Content Creation'.

Designed specifically for knitting and crochet bloggers, designers, makers and sellers, I'll help you create inspiring and engaging content in no time at all.

I've included a simple 'seven-steps' approach that is theme-driven and time efficient.

And more importantly, I've included two years of content ideas for you so that you can confidently create posts that are both inspiring and perfect for your audience.

engagement will help to nuture and grow your audience, so that they get to know, like and trust you and are therefore more likely to support you and buy from you.

If you can't wait to get started, then click the button below to buy your copy. You'll be taken to my shop where you can buy your e-book and start creating your own amazing posts.

Content Creation
in Seven Easy 

My 16-page document includes:

  • My 'seven steps' process to follow each week, to create winning content;

  • 104 content themes specifically for knitting and crochet (two years worth of content);

  • Helpful tips for writing your posts and encouraging reader engagement;

  • An example using a theme for a weeks worth of content;

  • 4 handy templates to print off and use;

  • Helpful links for blogging support and advice.

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Content Creation
in Seven Easy 

Why you need my helpful guide:

  • Blogging regularly is essential in nurturing your followers;

  • Regular engagement is key to building and growing your audience;

  • I'll save you hours of 'thinking time' with my diverse list of 104 weekly themes

  • My 'seven steps' process will save you time in writing your social media and blog posts;

  • It's a'rinse and repeat' process and the more you repeat it, the quicker you'll become.


Would you like more help in turning your knitting or crochet skills into a regular income stream?

Then head over to my Facebook groups and request to join.

You'll connect with lots of other people just like you and it's a safe place to ask questions and learn from others.

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